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This is an "all-in-one" diminishing abrasive machine polishing paint correction/ paint enhancement/ finish polishing compound. Specially developed to quickly remove paint defects, marring, swirls, and holograms. It is suitable for all paint systems, clear coats and fiberglass gel coats. Can be used with wool, microfiber, or foam pads, alongside a rotary or dual-action polishing machine. 



1. Shake well before use. Apply 3-4 pea sized drops onto the polishing pad and working area. 

2. Set the polisher speed to 1200-1400 RPM and work in using light to medium pressure. 

3. Use divine detail prep in between polishing steps to reveal any scratches left behind. 

4. Repeat steps until the surface is mirror-like and scratch-free. 

Divine Detail Finish, Polish

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