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Divine Detail and Car Wash Affiliations & Certifications in McKinney TX

Certifications -

IDA Certified Detailer, Skills Validated

IDA Certified Detailers who have their skills validated have demonstrated  both the knowledge and the physical abilities required to achieve this designation by successfully passing both a written and physical exam. 


Phase I - Written Exam

Consist of passing 10 different exams covering equipment use, chemicals, windows & trim, floors & carpet, seats, paint correction & protection, wheels & tires, proper washing technique, terminology, safety and compliance.

Phase II - Physical Exam

The Detailer must have already completed Phase I Certification, having passed the ten written exams, to fulfill the classification of Certified Detailer. Phase II Skills Validation testing demonstrates hands on skills and in-person testing by an IDA Recognized Trainer (CD-SV, RT) in areas covered in the written exams: Wash Bay/Prep, Interior, Exterior Paint Correction, and Finishing Steps. Each portion of the test is a one on one teacher to student session that must be completed with 80% accuracy or better.

Certified Coatings Installer

Certified Coating Installers have successfully demonstrated an understanding of proper coating installation techniques and processes.  A Detailer with this designation is qualified to install paint coatings.

Affiliations -

International Detailing Association Member

Member since 2014


McKinney Chamber of Commerce

Member since 2016

DFW Dent Repair

McKinney, Tx.

Provision Automotive - European Automotive Repair

Melissa, Tx.

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