Paint Correction


Also known as swirl mark removal, paintwork correction is the reduction or removal of marks in the top layer of paint to produce a more refined finish. Paint correction involves the machine application of varying grades of compound paired with the appropriate pad to remove swirls from the paint.

Paint Correction is our most valuable and beneficial service for almost any vehicle. Utilizing multiple stages of machine polishing, the paint is greatly improved and looks better than new condition.  While the level of improvement will greatly depend on the paint type and condition, we are normally able to accomplish 80-95%+ defect removal after two or three stages of paint correction. Recommended for most vehicles having paint defects like fading, oxidation, swirl marks, scratches, etc.  In addition, each paint correction service will include a hand wash, clay bar treatment, high speed polishing, and your choice of paint protection.



Excellent/Near new

Average/Light Swirls


Poor/Medium Swirls

Very Poor/Heavy Swirls


One-Step Paint Correction

(1 - 2 days in shop)

Our one-step correction will include a full exterior detail and a 1-step correction to remove light - medium swirls.  This service will remove light - medium swirls and imperfections from the paint and is designed to bring back a level of depth and gloss.

Recommended for paint in average condition.

Starting at $600.00

Multi-Step Paint Correction

(3+ days in shop)


Our multi-step paint correction will significantly improve your vehicles finish by removing all of the swirls and all but the most severe defects and scratches.  We begin this process with multiple steps of heavy, medium and light cut compounding to remove swirls that have penetrated deep into your clear coat.  Once the cutting steps have been completed we finish up with a final polishing stage that refines the finish and increases clarity and depth to the paint. 


This process typically removes 80-95% of all paint defects. Pricing for this service varies a great deal due to the many variables involved with different paint types, condition, size, and of course your expected end result.  Due to the nature of this service an in person consultation is required with each vehicle owner to better determine the level of correction required and the scope of the job.


Recommended for medium - heavily swirled paintwork in poor - very poor condition.

Starting at $825.00