Every car is different, but in general, a good detail will leave just about every surface of your vehicle clean and restored to some degree; from beautifully glossy and slick feeling paint to UV protected and flawless interiors.  Detailing with us represents very good value for your money. Our unique detailing approach ensures the best result possible every time.  Our detailing packages are designed to achieve better than new results, guaranteed every time.


Full Exterior Detail

Time Required In Shop: 1 Day

Price: In person assessment required.

Protection Type:  Polymer Sealant/Carnauba Wax

  • Thorough exterior hand wash – include wheels, barrels, tires & arches.

  • Chemically decontaminate paint with tar & iron remover.

  • Clay all remaining surface contaminants from paint.

  • Blow out cracks & emblems with filtered air to remove standing water.

  • Detail door jambs, trunk jambs, and gas cap.

  • Detail emblems, cracks, moldings, trim and behind license plate.

  • Dress tires & black trim – polish chrome and tailpipes.

  • High speed polish & protect paint.

  • Glass & mirrors cleaned.


Full Interior Detail

Time Required In Shop:  Typically 1 Day

Price: In person assessment required

  • Purge cracks and crevices with compressed air.

  • Thorough vacuum of cabin & trunk.

  • Interior completely detailed with appropriate cleaners, towels and brushes.

  • Complete interior steam cleaning including carpets, mats & seats.

  • Premium 2 step deep clean & condition leather seats.

  • All interior surfaces dressed with non-oily, matte finish U.V. protection.

  • Interior glass & mirrors cleaned.

  • Optional seat removal.


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