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Auto & Car Detailing



Divine Detail McKinney is your go-to for professional detailing.  Our Certified Detailing Specialist are trained to break your vehicle down into multiple sections and then work on them until they are cleaned, refinished and/or protected.  Please select the appropriate service(s) below for your vehicle needs.  For more information or to schedule your next detailing service, give us a call at 469*714*4775 or visit our online booking page to reserve your spot on our schedule now.


Exterior Detailing​​


Treat your car to the ultimate pampering with our professional exterior detailing service. From handwashing to paint protection, each step is meticulously crafted to enhance and protect your vehicle's exterior.


Hand Washing:

We begin every detail by immersing your car in a gentle foam bath using our pH-balanced Bathe car wash soap. Our skilled technicians perform a meticulous handwashing process, ensuring a thorough cleanse from top to bottom. This step sets the foundation for a flawless finish.


Paint Decontamination and Clay Bar Treatment:

Every detail will also include a paint decontamination and clay bar treatment that delicately lifts impurities, leaving your paint surface silky smooth. This step prepares the paint for the upcoming polishing and/or protecting stages.


Paint Polishing:

Machine polishing is included with our premium detail service. A certified technician will utilize state-of-the-art dual-action polishers, polishing pads, and premium polishes to unveil a deep, reflective shine. Say hello to a showroom-worthy finish.


Paint Protection:

Every vehicle is protected with a premium paint protection. Whether it's a high-quality sealant or ceramic coating, we tailor the application to your preferences. Your vehicle will boast a long-lasting shield, ensuring sustained brilliance and protection.

Engine Bay Degrease and Steam Cleaning:

This service can be purchased alone or as an upgrade to any exterior detail.   We rejuvenate your engine bay with a comprehensive degreasing and steam cleaning. Stubborn grime and grease are removed, unveiling a clean and revitalized engine bay.

Wheels-Off Detail with Calipers and Wheel Wells:

Experience the pinnacle of wheel care with our comprehensive wheels-off detailing. Each rim, tire, brake caliper, and wheel well receive dedicated attention, ensuring a flawless finish that sets your vehicle apart.  This service can be purchased alone or as an upgrade to any exterior detail.


Headlight Restoration:

Illuminate the road with confidence after our specialized headlight restoration. Cloudy, oxidized headlights are transformed, revealing crystal-clear lenses that enhance both aesthetics and safety.  This service can be purchased alone or as an upgrade to any exterior detail.


Overspray Removal/Tar & Asphalt Removal

If you have been near a construction site, had painters at your home, stained your fence or had any of these things going on around your vehicle and notice unusual contaminants or specks of overspray on your exterior surfaces, then you need an overspray removal.  This service will remove those particles that have landed and essentially embedded into your exterior surfaces.  Overspray can come in many forms such as water, latex, or oil-based paints and stains, tar & asphalt from freshly paved and oiled roads or even cement that has landed and dried onto your exterior surfaces.  Depending on the type of overspray and the area its covered will determine the amount of time and cost associated with this type of service.   Give us a call or fill out our online booking form to schedule your free assessment and we'll have your vehicle back on track in no time!

Interior Detailing

Our Interior Detail is designed to bring your vehicle back to the best condition possible.  Our fully customized approach to interior detailing allows you to build your own package tailored to your specific needs and budget.  Prices will vary depending on conditional factors such as the size of your vehicle, its overall condition, and your expected results.  Call now or schedule your fee estimate by using our online booking option.  


Vacuum & Wipe Down:

The foundation of every interior detail, this comprehensive vacuuming and a meticulous wipe-down ensures every surface gleams with a fresh, spotless finish.

Surface Detailing:

Interior detailing with a combination of soft and firm bristle brushes to ensure a thorough cleaning process.  Soft brushes delicately handle sensitive surfaces like leather, upholstery, dashboard, and electronic components, preserving their quality and finish.  Firm brushes target tougher areas such as floor mats and textured surfaces.


Toothbrush Detailing:

Precision is our promise. Intricate areas, buttons, and seams receive dedicated attention with our toothbrush detailing, leaving no nook or cranny untouched.


Steam Cleaning & Sanitizing Treatment:

Revitalize and sanitize every fiber of your interior with advanced steam cleaning. High-temperature steam penetrates upholstery, carpets, and unreachable spots, banishing germs and grime while leaving behind a refreshing scent.


Hot Water Extraction & Stain Treatment:

Take cleanliness to new heights with hot water extraction, deeply cleansing carpets and upholstery. Stubborn stains and embedded dirt become memories, replaced by a revitalized and plush interior.


Leather Cleaning & Conditioning:

Indulge your leather surfaces with a bespoke cleaning and conditioning treatment. Restore their natural luster, replenish moisture, and ensure longevity with a supple, protected finish.


Ozone Refresher & Preventative Odor Treatment:

Immerse your interior in a revitalizing ambiance with our ozone treatment. Stubborn odors, bacteria, and allergens are eliminated, leaving behind a pristine, sanitized atmosphere.


Pet Hair Removal:

Bid farewell to pesky pet hair! Our specialized techniques ensure the removal of every strand, leaving your interior impeccably clean and pet friendly.


Seat Removal:

For a thorough cleanse, we go beyond the surface. Seats are removed to access hidden areas, allowing us to expertly detail your interior for a better than new finish.

Interior Reconditioning/Odor Removal

90% of the time our Interior Detail services will bring your vehicles interior back to a like-new condition.  However, in extreme cases there are times when a vehicle has been severely neglected or abused and will need seats removed, mold or mildew treatments, or just a little more TLC than our interior detail alone can provide.  In these cases, we refer customers to our reconditioning service.  If you believe your vehicle is too dirty to handle, think again.  We have serviced many vehicles that seemed impossible to improve with great success.  Give us a call and schedule your free estimate today!

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