Depending on your driving habits, we recommend having your vehicle professionally detailed once or twice each year.  Our Detailing Specialist are trained to break your vehicle down into multiple sections and then work on them until they are cleaned, refinished and protected.  All detailing services will require a physical inspection before providing a quote or scheduling.  For more information about our detailing packages or to schedule your free assessment, please give us a call at 469*714*4775 or fill out our online contact form and someone will contact you within 24 business hours.

Note: For light detailing and/or quick services please click here to see our hand wash menu.


Exterior Detail

Time Required in Shop: 1 Day

Paint Protection: Si02 Sealant

Durability: Up to 1 Year

  • Remove license plate

  • Foam bath pre-soak

  • Hand wash

  • Degrease, detail, and brush clean tires, wheels, lugs, barrels, and wells

  • Chemical decontamination for iron, tar, bugs

  • Clay bar treatment

  • Air purge water from all cracks and badges

  • Detail doorjambs and moldings

  • Clean gas cap

  • Paint polish & protection

  • Polish chrome trim

  • Apply black trim and tire dressing

  • Clean wiper blades, windows, mirrors

  • Replace license plate

Interior Detail

Time Required In Shop:  1 Day

  • Air purge loose debris from under seats, rear dash and in-between seats and center console area

  • Complete vacuum of the cabin and trunk area

  • Shampoo/steam clean fabrics

  • Deep cleaning treatment for dash/console and door panels

  • Deep cleaning treatment for leather seats

  • Detail headliner, visors, handles, steering column, steering wheel, blinkers, air vents, buttons, shifter, glove box, center console, ash trays, seat belts & buckles, and foot pedals

  • Apply leather protection to leather seating

  • Apply UV protection to doors, dash, and console

  • Apply Textile fabric protection to all fabrics

  • Clean windows, sunroof, mirrors, LCD screens (headrest and flip down)