Every car is different, but in general, a good detail will leave just about every surface of the vehicle improved; from beautifully glossy and slick feeling paint to UV protected and flawless interiors. The difference is dramatic and not one that can be achieved by an automatic car wash.  Detailing with us represents very good value for your money. Our customized detailing approach ensures the best result possible every time.

Detailing With Us - 

At Divine Detail and Car Wash our interior and exterior detail packages are tailored to achieve specific results.  We offer everything from a monthly regiment to a hard-hitting detail designed to revitalize your vehicle’s appearance no matter the condition. From entry-level spot cleaning, to our  professional detailing & reconditioning services we can help get your interior and/or exterior back on track.

Scheduling -

Our process begins with a simple phone assessment of your vehicle, followed by a physical inspection to determine which services are right for you.  Once the assessment/inspection is completed we will then provide you with the best package options for your vehicle and an estimate will be provided for each package.  Once a package has been selected, we will review and add you to the schedule for the next available opening.  Detailing times will vary based on package selected, vehicle size & condition.

Pricing - 


Each vehicle is unique and for that reason we require a physical inspection of every vehicle before a hard quote can be provided.  However, we are always happy to provide an estimate over the phone when requested.  Two things that will directly impact the cost of a detail are a vehicles size & condition.  A well maintained low traffic vehicle that requires less work will cost much less than a neglected high traffic vehicle requiring advanced services.  Give us a call at 469-714-4775 or fill out our online form to receive a free estimate.


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