Ceramic Car Coating.

Why choose Divine Detail and Car Wash as your trusted coating installer?


Divine Detail has over 10 years of experience and is certified to properly install ceramic coatings to any area of your vehicle.  We know that to achieve the best result possible preparation is key.  With the proper preparation of the surface(s) to be coated, your vehicle is guaranteed to look better than the day you bought it.  When a coating is placed on top of a surface it leaves behind a transparent layer that reveals the true appearance of the coated surface below.  In other words the way your vehicle looks before applying the coating is exactly how it will look after the coating is applied.  


Please note that our coating packages will include basic prep. work for installation.  A physical inspection of your vehicle is required prior to scheduling to determine if additional prep work is necessary prior to installation.  To schedule an assessment of your vehicle please give us a call at 469-714-4775.

What are the benefits of having a coating installed? 


  • Your vehicle will be protected by the the most durable and longest lasting protection designed for vehicles.

  • Ceramic coatings produce an extreme semi-permanent protective barrier for years, eliminating the need for traditional waxing. 

  • Extreme slickness which produces a self-cleaning property to repel dust, dirt and other contaminants. 

  • Ease of maintenance that keeps the surface cleaner longer than any traditional protection.

  • Resistance to Wash Induced Marring.

  • Repels water, oils, dirt, and other contaminants.

  • Strong protection from UV rays to stop oxidation and sun damage.

  • Resists stains, bird droppings, water spots, and traffic film.

  • Resists high temperatures.

  • Contains glass Nano particles creating an incredible reflective and hard surface film.

  • Can also be layered for increased protection and durability

For more information about ceramic coatings and their benefits please call us at 469-714-4775.

What type of maintenance and care do coatings require?

While coatings are great at keeping your vehicle cleaner for longer periods of time, they still require proper maintenance washing to continue performing properly.  We recommend washing your coated vehicle at least once a month.  We offer a great maintenance package designed specifically for maintaining our coatings.  If you enjoy washing your own vehicle, we also carry everything needed to properly care for your vehicles coating from home.  Either way, proper maintenance of the vehicle is a must if you want to get the best performance from your coating.

For more information about proper maintenance and/or our coating maintenance package please call us at 469-714-4775.

How much does it cost to have a ceramic coating installed by a certified professional?

To get an idea of what the actual cost of having a ceramic coating professionally installed will be, you need to understand what the contributing factors will be.

- The single largest factor when calculating the cost of a ceramic coating installation is the overall condition of the vehicle.  Typically newer vehicles will need less work than an older used one.  

- The size of your vehicle will also have an impact on the final cost of installation.  Smaller vehicles will require less work at less cost while larger vehicles will require more work at a higher cost.

- Another important factor to consider is the color of your vehicles paint.  Defects in the paint are much easier to see with darker colored finishes than defects found in lighter colored finishes.  

- The harder your clear coat the more labor will be involved in preparing the paint for installation.  Most BMW Audi VW and Mercedes will have a hard finish while Porsche Lexus Toyota and Honda will have softer finishes.  Ford GM and Dodge paint systems will vary in hardness depending on the model.

- Materials used will also effect the cost of installation.  The more areas being coated, the more materials used to complete the job.  Each area of the vehicle is coated with a dedicated coating designed specifically for that area i.e. Paint, Wheels, Glass, Plastic, Leather and Fabrics.  Also when applying a professional grade coating to any surface, materials such as applicators towels etc. must be brand new, cannot be reused and must be thrown away and replaced frequently during the installation process.

With this information you should be able to determine if your vehicle will be on the low end or high end of the installation cost.  However to receive a quote for ceramic installation You will need to schedule an in-person vehicle assessment.


For more information about ceramic coating installation or to schedule an assessment, please call us at 469-714-4775.