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Our odor removal treatments have been designed to eliminate all types of smells including but not limited to smoke, dairy, mildew, pet, food, body, and rodent.  If you're having trouble with odors or bacteria growth inside your vehicle, give us a call for a free estimate.  We have both the experience and understanding to efficiently and effectively remove even the most stubborn smells.

Note: In extreme cases some odors may require carpet/padding, air filters, seat cushions and other parts of your interior to be replaced due to irreparable damage caused by rodents nesting, rotting/spoiled food, bacteria/mold growth, etc.  These parts will be billed in addition to your odor treatment labor cost.


Level 2 Odor Treatment – For sever odors

Time Required in Shop: Varies

Price: Parts + Labor


  • Interior Detail

  • Ozone treatment as needed.

  • Enzyme treatment.

  • Seat removal as needed

  • Carpet and padding removal as needed

  • Parts replacement as needed.

  • Chlorine Dioxide treatment as needed.

Level 1 Odor Treatment – For common odors

Time Required in Shop: Varies

Price: $350.00


  • Interior Detail

  • 4 Hr. Ozone

  • Enzyme treatment.

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