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How often should I wash my car?

Washing your car is extremely important. It prevents contaminants like dust, dirt, pollen, tree sap, bug guts, salt, air-borne pollutants from adhering to your vehicle.  We recommend our Hand Wash service once a month to successfully prevent contaminants from damaging your paint and finish.


Hand washing vs automatic car wash?

Looking at both strategies, the final result of a hand washing job is usually deemed to be perfect, because someone has had physical contact with the car. Certain car brands in the market, such as luxury cars, are better hand washed to better avoid damaging the paint. However, Hand washing does require a significantly longer amount of time due to it being more detailed.  Automated car washing is quick and may miss a lot of areas and cause damage and/or water spotting to your vehicles finish.  If you are limited on time automatic car washing is best.  If you are looking for quality results, hand washing is best.


How often should I clay bar my car?

There is no set schedule that works for everyone. How your car is garaged, and how often you wash it are a few factors. The good news is that you can easily determine for yourself when you need to clay by feeling your paint after each wash. If it feels rough or bumpy, it is time to clay. As a general guideline, claying before protecting will keep your car’s paint flawless at all times.


My car is new, do I need to use a clay bar right away?

Yes! Most new cars travel a long distances by ship, truck or rail to get to the dealer. They pick up a lot of nasty contamination along the way, like rail dust (metal particles from the wheels and track). Not all dealers properly prepare a car for delivery. Better safe than sorry.


Will a clay bar remove swirl marks and paint scratches?

No. Clay is a cleaning tool only. It does not correct paint flaws. If your car has swirl marks and fine scratches, you will need a paint correction.


What Causes Swirl Marks on Car Paint?

Swirl marks are super fine scratches on the surface of your car’s paint. They are most commonly caused by wiping your car with a dry towel when it’s dusty, or buy improper washing and drying techniques.

Every time you wash and dry your car, new microscopic scratches are introduced into the paints finish. You can greatly reduce the appearance of these scratches by having your car washed by a detailing professional.  The severity of the scratches that create the appearance we call “swirl marks” has a lot to do with the techniques and wash tools being used.

You might have noticed that swirl marks prominently show on black and other dark colored cars. This is because the sides of the scratches reflect light. Black being the biggest contrast to white causes the reflections to be more prominent.

Here are the top 10 causes of swirl marks:

  1. Polishers/buffers with the incorrect pad or an untrained operator.

  2. Harsh polishing compounds and paint cleaners.

  3. Towels and applicators containing polyester threads.

  4. A dirty chamois or a chamois that has not been properly maintained.

  5. Wiping down a dusty or dirty car with a dry towel.

  6. A dirty car duster or a car duster used on a car with too much dirt on the surface.

  7. Not keeping your wash mitt or sponge properly rinsed.

  8. Automated car washes with brushes and other wipers.

  9. Not rinsing your car completely before washing, or not washing your car thoroughly before drying.

  10. Using a car cover when the car or the cover is not clean.


How Do I Truly Prevent Swirl Marks?

To a certain extent, swirl marks are a simple fact of life with your car. You can’t completely prevent them, but you can reduce the severity by having your car washed by a professional detailer. When you try to save a few dollars with inexpensive automatic car washes or by doing it yourself at home, you will eventually notice the damage being caused to your paint much faster than if you are having it hand washed by a professional.  Swirl marks, marring, and hard water spotting can be expensive to correct.  In the long run it is far better to have a professional washing your vehicle if you truly wish to avoid damaging your paint.


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